Why you should choose Green Desert?

Ability to process unsorted MSW

Suitable for Vietnamese waste and other waste within the region

Highly Automated Process

Landed MSW is automatically sorted minimizing the exposure to toxic material

High Power Generation

Our net electricity generation back to the grid is well above industry benchmarks.

Closed loop process

Our process is fully contained with no chimney, no smoke and no hazardous run-off minimizing our environmental footprint.

Output Diversification

From our waste feedstock we can produce syngas, electricity, RDF and construction material.

Natural Process

We accelerate natural biodegradation processes such as anaerobic digestion through our patented technology

How does Green Desert operate?

Field Survey
Field Survey

Green Desert will send experts to make the field surveys in local provinces.

Propose Plan
Propose Plan

Based on the actual activities and requirements, Green Desert will propose a plan about the investment and execution process.


Green Desert will finance, build and operate its facility so that provinces and cities can benefit from a waste solution at no investment cost to the government budget


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Green Desert's Testimonials